RAHU DASA — Effects during Major period of Rahu

by Dr. Shanker Adawal — «Dasa Systems» book

RAHU DASA — Effects during Major period of Rahu

Now let us explain the signs etc., of Rahu and Ketu so that the Effects of their Period may be ascertained.

The wise maintain that Rahu occupying Virgo, Pisces or Scorpio in a birth chart bestow upon the native, during his Dasa, honour and happiness, lordships of lands, vehicles and attendants. All these, however, are liable to be taken away at the conclusion of the Dasa.

During the Rahu Dasa the native takes to wicked means or suffers from the terrible ailment beyond diagnose; loses wife and children. There is danger of being poisoned and trouble from enemies and suffers from diseases of the eyes and head. The native faces opposition from friends and cultivators too and acquires displeasure of the kings.

Rahu period- with reference to their natural governance over certain affairs-

  1. If Rahu is strong, benefic and well placed, during his Major period there will be accumulation of wealth, gains from business, prosperity or promotion in profession, gain of position of command and respect, and general happiness.
  2. If Rahu is weak, malefic and badly placed, there will be loss of wealth, quarrels and disputes, criminal actions, wanderings, poverty, ill health to wife and children or their death, death of elderly members in the family, contagious diseases, etc.
  3. The exaltation sign of Rahu is Scorpio and for Ketu it is Taurus and the Moolatrikona signs are respectively Sagittarius and Gemini. Own sign of Rahu is Aquarius and of Ketu is Scorpio.

Some have reckoned Virgo and Pisces signs respectively.

  1. If Rahu is exalted in the nativity:- Its Period will be extremely favourable and wealth, prosperity etc., is attained. Ambitions are accomplished through friends and king (Government), possibility of conveyance and son, construction of new residence, religious feelings, festivity, Royal recognition in the foreign land, decorative items, Jewellery etc., are also achieved.
  1. If Rahu is also aspected by and in conjunction with the benefic planets, posited in Angles, Trines the 11th or the 3rd house and with auspicious sign- gives property, land etc. and happiness is achieved with the blessing of king. Also recognition from the head of the family and welfare of house become possible.
  2. If Rahu is posited in the 8th or the 12th house-the result of the Period is
  3. If Rahu has connection with the malefic planets and is conjunct with ‘Maraka’ house-

The result will be shifting of the native from place to place, mental agony, death of wife and son, stale food etc.

Note: In the beginning of Period, physical stress and loss of wealth and agriculture produce, be expected and

In the middle position of the Period, the native receives comforts and also wealth (profits) from the foreign countries.

In the last portion of the Period, distress, change of place and mental stresses and strains will be felt.

The under mentioned are the effects of major periods of Rahu with reference to the various combinations or occupation of signs by Rahu:-


Rahu in exalted in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio, Rahu has Moolatrikona in Cancer, and Aries as his friendly sign.

The 7th from Rahu is the Moolatrikona and friendly house of Ketu respectively. The Major Period of Rahu in the 6th and 8th produces misery.

Rahu in exaltation- happiness, political power and children, wealth and grains.

Rahu in Debilitation- fear from authority, fires and money losses due to thieves, possibility of imprisonment including gallows, poisoning effect from some drug or disease or food item.

Rahu period gives troubles from fires, thieves and rulers, foreign residence, sorrow, forest residence and danger.

Rahu in Cancer, Taurus or Aries will give money, education and pleasure and recognition from kings and pleasure from wife, servants and happiness to his soul.

Rahu in Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius- gives children, wife, lordship over the country, human conveyances, and in the end loss of all.

Rahu in a malefic sign- Physically lean, destruction to relations, fear from kings, and deception by thieves, venereal complaints, asthma, consumption and urinal troubles.

Rahu aspected by a malefic- irreligious, loss of service and sickness, troubles from thieves, rulers and fires appliances.

Rahu aspected by a benefic- wealth gain from authority, death to relations.

Rahu with an exalted planet- gain of kingdom, wife, children and wealth, clothes, ornaments, sweet scents.

Rahu with debilitated planets- livelihood by despicable means, and bad food, ill-mannered wife and worthless children.

Note: Rahu in the commencement gives sorrow, in the middle, reputation and happiness and change of place in the end and loss of Guru, parents, etc.


Duration of Period- Vimshotari-18 years.

Unlike the periods of the Planets, the importance of the Zodiacal Sign in which Rahu is found at birth is overshadowed by the importance of the House in which he is placed.

The House positions of Rahu and of Ketu are far more important than the Sign positions, Let us have an outline of the events and conditions peculiar to the Rahu and Ketu periods in terms of House as well as Sign positions.

In Hindu Astrology the beginning of each House is a Mid-point of a house i.e., halfway between the cusp of the House and the cusp of the preceding House as per western method, while the end of each House is a point halfway between the cusp of the House and the cusp of the succeeding House. This is most important when determining the House positions of any planet or the House positions of any significators in the Birth chart, such as Rahu and Ketu.


The period of Rahu is not a fortunate one, unless in the native’s birth chart it is extremely well placed. The period is a painful and a troublesome one. It is usually accompanied by poverty and disease. The morals become

loose and this condition may result in actions, which may have serious consequences, even to the extent that the native may commit a crime during this period, if Rahu be badly placed or aspected.

Usually the first part of the period is favourable or at least not as unfortunate as the latter part, in which many tragic events are likely to occur. The native while associating with honourable and respected people, who like him and are very well disposed towards him, still becomes entangled in all sorts of trouble and his high hopes fall to ruin. Imprisonment, poisoning, enforced travel in foreign countries may occur during this period and it is very important to note the position of Rahu in the birth chart as to house, sign and aspect, particularly its relationship with the Sun and the Moon.

Rahu, however, is exalted in the sign Taurus and if he be found there, all the bad effects will be mitigated to a great extent.

If Rahu be in Taurus or Cancer in the life chart, then when the native is going through Rahu period, conditions will be greatly improved-there will be a gain in wealth-opportunities will present themselves through which the education will be broadened-there will be some promotion or honour in the business or profession -if not married, the native will marry-his servants or subordinates will be honest and loyal and the native will enjoy good health throughout this period.

If Rahu be in Pisces, Virgo or Sagittarius in the life chart, that also is good during Rahu period providing it is not placed badly as to house or badly aspected. If it is favourably placed in house position and well aspected, its position in Pisces, Virgo or Sagittarius will give a male child and some rise in position-gain through death of brother.

If, however, Rahu be in Sagittarius or Virgo, badly placed as to house or badly aspected, then conditions will be extremely bad. There will be a loss of health and family; the occupation will be a dangerous one; there will be much deceit and treachery on the part of enemies. The native may suffer injury from gangsters or be one himself; he will have to work very hard to make an honest living, at times not having enough to eat or having to subsist on food of very bad quality, He will of necessity be forced to do menial work; his health will be bad and he will suffer from some venereal disease, asthma, tuberculosis or disorder of the glands. His marriage partner will cause him trouble and he will have wicked children.

If Rahu is found in the Asterisms Krittika, Uttar or Uttarasadha in the birth chart, such position will intensify the bad effects of the Rahu period.

In the following table is shown the relative general effects of the Signs, where Rahu is found:-

Exalted Sign Good Bad Very Bad
Taurus Scorpio Aries Sagittarius
Pisces Gemini
Capricorn Virgo
Cancer Libra, Leo Aquarius

Rahu in Various Houses Effects


1. During this period the native will be in danger from poisoning, from fire and from wounds inflicted by sharp instruments, which will leave a permanent scar on the head or face. He will suffer the loss of a brother and be unsuccessful in any disputes.

If in Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces, then because of his ambition, he will undertake responsibilities and work beyond his power to achieve. He will dream a lot and will behave entirely differently in his public life than in his private life and although he will be very intelligent, people will judge him either as crazy or a fool.

3. If Rahu be in Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius then he will always be busy snooping into the secrets and vices of other people and will himself be subject to many vices and mixed up in many scandals.

1st house. Increase of wealth and success in undertakings, ill health of person, wife and children, quarrels and misunderstandings with relatives and friends, cruelty and wickedness.

Rahu in birth- derangement of brain, poison, fire, weapons, destruction of relations, sorrow and trouble and defeat in the battles.


A period of loss of money and honour. Will suffer from eating bad food, will find himself in a subordinate position to people who ordinarily would be his inferiors; will be easily excited and be subject to unstable emotions.

If favourably placed he (the native) will work hard in business and will suddenly have some unexpected wealth or promotion, but in the end will not be successful. He may gain unexpectedly through the discovery of some old records and at the end of the period will inherit the wealth of some friend or close relative. In spite of this he will always be short of money.

If Rahu be unfavourably placed then the native will suffer poverty, family disgrace, disputes with relatives which may result in lawsuits, which he will not win; the partner will die or be separated from him; he will either starve or exist on very poor quality of food and will become more and more careless and slovenly in his work.

2nd house- Loss of wealth and position, quarrels in the family, ill health, separation from family, financial strain, mental worries.

Rahu in the second- loss of money and power, bad food dirty and unsympathetic master, mental distraction, false-hood, and anger.


This is a good position for Rahu and during this period the native will gain in wealth and position through his relatives. If he has no children he will have children; he will take up farming and gain through it; he will prosper from association with people of high standing. If Rahu be in a fixed sign then he will remain in one place, if it be in a movable sign there will be much travel by land unless the sign be a water sign, in which case there will be ocean travel to foreign countries. There will be death or separation from brothers and sisters. If the Rahu period comes in old age, there will be happiness from the children but if in middle age or youth, although there will be children some of them will die during this period.

3rd house- III health or death of brothers and sisters, gain of wealth and increased income, fame, power and position, and happiness.

Rahu in the 3rd — gain of children, money, wife, brothers, happiness, good cultivation, power, travelling and respect of kings.


There will be separation from the mother, either by her death or by the death of the native himself during this period; there will be loss of property and Position; much trouble through the marriage partner; danger of injury from fire; will suffer loss through theft; may be imprisoned falsely; may suffer a nervous breakdown due to mental worries; there will be sickness among the children; the native may leave his family and live in seclusion; he will lose respect for his partner and change his views of religion or discard it entirely.

4th house- Loss of ancestral property, association with low born people and gains through them, quarrels with friends, ill health of mother, impediments in educational pursuits, tedious journeys, etc.

Rahu in the 4thdeath of mother or his own death, loss of lands and wealth, anger of kings, falls from conveyances and many other sorrows.

Rahu in the 4thtroubles from thieves, fires and relations, mental worry, disease to wife and children, and loss of wife’s and children’s relations.


Loss of memory; will have difficulty in getting food, if Rahu is in a favourable sign then this period may be very fortunate. In that case, the native will work for social and public welfare and will become famous, and will be speaking publicly, on welfare issues, and becomes well known through his writings on the subject of public welfare, but while he will be popular in public, he will have very little domestic happiness.

If Rahu be in an unfavourable sign, there will be no male children and therefore if one should be born, it will not survive, It will simply mean unnecessary trouble to the partner; there will be much friction between husband and wife and one will be deserted; the marriage partner is likely to be very sickly and conditions during this period will be so bad that the native is likely to lose his mind or at least become somewhat crazy and eccentric.

5th house- III health of children, their death or abortion, diseases of the stomach, power and position, compassionate nature and fame.

Rahu in the 5thderangement, troubles in food, great litigation, quarrels, sorrow, anger of rulers, loss of issues.


Danger from theft and fire and loss of relatives; some disease to the secret parts of the body; venereal and skin diseases; tuberculosis or disease of the glands.

If it be favourably placed, then with hard work will achieve success, although it will be an uphill struggle. In order to earn sufficient money, he may find it necessary to fight in public. If in an unfavourable sign, then there will be much opposition from the brothers and relatives and a public scandal will ensue from it; there will be strange disease difficult to diagnose or cure; the mind will gradually be forced away from a materialistic life to a spiritual life.

6th house- Success over enemies, gain of money and increase of wealth, danger to maternal uncle, happiness and prosperity, trouble due to illness and poor vitality.

Rahu in the 6thfear from thieves, fires and rulers, loss of friends, several diseases, enlarged spleen, biliousness, consumption, cutaneous eruptions or death.


Loss of the marriage partner; death of the son; loss of property; danger of injury and infection from the bite of an insect.

If in a favourable sign, the partner will not die but there will be much sickness, many changes of business and much travel on business, particularly in foreign countries.

If unfavourabty aspected, there will be loss of health and wealth through a love affair and if the chart is that of a female there will be likelihood of an abortion; the native may become a pauper; will be greatly in debt and will be in danger of imprisonment.

7th house- The native suffers from loss of wife or wickedness of her, association with wicked women and widows, separation from family, loss of wealth through female agency, sorrows and ill health.

Rahu in the 7thdeath of wife, foreign travel, loss of cultivation and money, fear from serpents, find loss of servants, wealth and children.


Death of the native or death of the son of the native, danger from robbery and fire and from injury inflicted by criminals.

If favourably aspected may suddenly have a tremendous gain in wealth.

This may happen through a bad aspect also, in which case, the wealth will come through a robbery or a hold-up, the native himself being a gangster or robber. In this case the native will strike terror into the hearts of people who will be afraid of him. He will try to become happy in domestic life but will be unsuccessful.

If Rahu is unfavourably placed, the native will suffer from an incurable disease or become an incorrigible criminal, always vicious and bad in thought and deed.

8th house. Bad health, loss of wife and children, loss of wealth, quarrels in the family, criminal prosecution, punishments, and unhappiness.

Rahu in the 8thdeath, loss of children, wife, fear from thieves, rulers, own people and fires, residence in forests and danger from wild beasts.


The death of the father or mother separation from brothers and sisters and family travel in foreign countries will live near the sea or on the side of a river. If in a favourable sign will have a good education, will become well known and influential, will live luxuriously and in the most up-to-date modern manner and if in a watery sign, will travel much by water and visit and live in important places.

If in an unfavourable sign, will wander from place to place, will become a tramp, utterly without ideals, will associate with people of very low type and have love affairs of a very sordid character-will suffer scandal and disgrace and if any children are born, they will not survive- will have very dreadful and strange dreams.

9th house. Unfortunate father, loss of ancestral wealth, increase of self earned wealth, power and position, fame, cruelty, political success, etc.

Rahu in the 9thdeath of father, foreign travel, loss of relations and Jupiter, sea baths, loss of money and children.


Very religious; fond of reading spiritual books; bibles and sacred literature; is an ardent mandir/church-goer; charitable, pure ideals; clean life. When unfavourable, however, quite the reverse; will have such disgrace that he will have to use a false name and there will be much trouble from the marriage partner and the children.

However, when Rahu is favourably placed in the 10th, and well aspected and in a good sign the wealth will increase and the position improved during this period, and if the period comes in old age, the native will give his money to charity and become famous before his death.

10th house. Quarrels with friends and relatives, success in cruel acts, fame, power and position and success in undertakings.

Rahu in the 10thhearing and reading of Puranas and sacred literature and baths in the Ganges.

Rahu in the 10th is a beneficial sign will give good results as above stated and in a malefic sign, will reverse the results or give misery, foreign residence.

Rahu in a malefic sign with a malefic in the 10th will give-adulterous intercourse, murder of a learned Vedanta person, or killing or injuring good and holy Brahmins, bad accusations, and fear from fires to children and wife.


Will rise in position and gain respect of his associates and friends; if not married, he will marry; he will accumulate wealth; he will get much help and happiness from relatives and friends; he will be fond of pets and animals and will have more male children than female.

If in an unfavourable sign he will spend his money on speculation and he will constantly be in search of sudden wealth through the races, lotteries, games of chance, but will he unsuccessful.

11th house. Gains in business and success in profession, happiness, fame and respect.

Rahu in the tlthrespect of rulers, gain of money, grains, houses, lands and other comforts.


Will suffer from some mental weakness; nervousness; will be separated from or lose the partner and children; will suffer dishonour and lose land and property; his eyesight will be affected and there will be some injury to the feet-he will be very much attracted towards spiritual life and will study philosophy and psychology. He may be deported, from one country to another, to live in a country other than his own place of birth and will always have heavy debts until very late in life.

12th house. Ill health or death, loss of wealth, wanderings, separation from family, criminal prosecution or punishments, ill health of wife and children, unhappiness and misery.

Rahu in the 12thtravelling in different countries, mental disease, destruction to wife and children, loss to cultivation, to cattle, grains, lands, cattle, wealth.

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